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There are times when serving the best interests of your client means working with another law firm that has specialized expertise in a particular area of law; greater familiarity with local laws, judges and juries; another state's legal credentials; or that can complement and extend your firm's own resources. That can involve referring a case to another firm, seeking co-counsel opportunities, or simply looking for local counsel support.

Gerling Law has a long history of providing that kind of support to other law firms through the states we serve and the rest of the nation. We have earned a well-deserved reputation in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky for providing aggressive, high-quality legal representation in matters pertaining to:

Our experience in high-profile personal injury cases is only one reason we are often asked to work with other firms. Just as important, we have also earned a reputation for integrity, honesty and fair dealing. Simply put, you can count on us to do the job the right way.

We also recognize that every case referred to us is unique. Whether you want to serve as lead counsel, ask us to fill that role, play an active role in the case, or simply hand it over to us, we're prepared to work with you in the way that best meets the needs of your firm and the best interests of your client.

When working with other attorneys, we are guided by two principles. First, we understand that every firm brings unique resources, perspectives, and experience to each legal matter. Blending these collective strengths can often make the difference in a case. Second, we appreciate the relationship your firm enjoys with the client, and we will always respect and honor that relationship.

If you would like to speak with us regarding a referral, a co-counsel relationship, or local representation, please contact Gayle Gerling Pettinga at 812-266-9051.

Let us put our experience to work for you.