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The 5 things you need to do after an accident

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Whether you are in a car accident, you slipped and fell, you were hit by a car while walking or a defective product caused a serious injury, you often deal with the same questions. How badly am I hurt? Will I have to miss work? How much will this cost?

Summer Vacation Safety is a High Priority

Summer Vacation is finally here!

School is out, the days are long and sunny, and we are all on a different schedule than the one we keep the other nine months of the year. Summertime is prime time for travel for a lot of families, and even though you might be out of your usual routine for the summer, don't let summer vacation safety and security slip by the wayside.

Scooter Safety and Helmet Laws

Spend any time driving the streets of Evansville and you will most likely see at least one scooter sharing the road with you. Common and popular in cities around the country (and world), scooters are an inexpensive alternative form of transportation - small, light, and economical. For individuals who choose not to take on the expense of an automobile, with maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs, a scooter is an appealing option.

Premises security at sporting events

Little League and Soccer Teams are Filling Up

Now that spring and summer sports are in full swing, many of us will be spending a great deal of time at the sports park - playing, coaching, or cheering our favorite player. For some, the ballfield becomes a second home, where it seems they spend most of their free time. If you've got a little leaguer or soccer star, you know the sports park like the back of your hand - where the shady spots are, how much the food costs at the concession stand, and the best parking spot - but you may not give a second thought to the safety and security of the property.

Bike Helmets and Safety

Bicycle Helmets Provide Safety in Close Calls

Imagine you're enjoying a leisurely bike ride one afternoon, when a pickup truck passes so closely by you that its mirror strikes your upper arm. The impact causes you to wobble but isn't strong enough to knock you off your bike, and the truck drives away. Though you're left with a nasty bruise, you're otherwise unhurt.

Pavement Dropoffs and Driver's Safety

Every year, thousands of people are injured, disabled, or killed in auto accidents due to unsafe road conditions. We all know the dangers associated with wet or icy pavement, but sometimes accidents happen on a clear, dry day for a surprising reason: the design of the road itself.

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