Month: June 2015

Boating Safety and the Ohio River

One of the distinct advantages of living along the Ohio River is that we have miles and miles of open water available to us for recreation, right at our doorstep. Hot weather drives us toward the water, and the Independence Day holiday is a prime time for boating, skiing, and fishing. Many boaters are out […]


The SSDI Application Process

You may have heard that getting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a hard road to travel, if not practically impossible. The SSDI process can take anywhere from30 days to two years for benefits from an initial claim to be approved, and along the way there will be denials and appeals. It seems unfair – […]


Bicycle Safety on the Road

As the weather begins to warm here in the Tri-State, we see an increase of outdoor related accidents. After a cold and snowy winter, motorists often need to be reminded that they share the road with cyclists once the weather improves. Unfortunately, it’s often news stories such as these that serve as such a reminder. […]