Month: January 2016

Workplace Safety – Protecting Older Workers on the Job

“Dying with your boots on” is a phrase most often associated with tales of the American West, suggesting a way of life that is alternately romantic and dangerous. But “dying with your boots on” takes on an entirely different meaning when you consider the thousands of workers who die on the job every year. In […]


Can somebody really sue me if they slip and fall on my ice?

Every year, over eight million people pay a visit to the ER for a common mishap – a fall. While some falls are minor, others have serious consequences, including brain and spinal cord injury, lost time and wages, and even death. For the elderly in particular, a fall can be fatal. The causes for a […]


Kids, Coats, and Carseats

There are few things more adorable in this world than a small child dressed for winter. The vision of rosy cheeks, a red nose, knitted hat, and warm coat fit the image of an idyllic childhood winter spent playing in the snow. But while that big, puffy coat or snowsuit might protect your little one […]