Month: May 2016

Premises security at sporting events

Little League and Soccer Teams are Filling Up Now that spring and summer sports are in full swing, many of us will be spending a great deal of time at the sports park – playing, coaching, or cheering our favorite player. For some, the ballfield becomes a second home, where it seems they spend most […]


Bike Helmets and Safety

Bicycle Helmets Provide Safety in Close Calls Imagine you’re enjoying a leisurely bike ride one afternoon, when a pickup truck passes so closely by you that its mirror strikes your upper arm. The impact causes you to wobble but isn’t strong enough to knock you off your bike, and the truck drives away. Though you’re […]


Exploding E-Cigs: Health Risks You Didn’t Expect

Recently, an Owensboro man learned what was so hot about the e-cigarette trend. You might have seen the dramatic video on the Evansville news, or even on CNN, where the story was picked up and became national news: an e-cigarette device igniting inside the pocket of his pants, giving him second-degree burns. His story, unfortunately, […]