Month: June 2016

Summer Vacation Safety is a High Priority

Summer Vacation is finally here! School is out, the days are long and sunny, and we are all on a different schedule than the one we keep the other nine months of the year. Summertime is prime time for travel for a lot of families, and even though you might be out of your usual […]


Scooter Safety and Helmet Laws

Spend any time driving the streets of Evansville and you will most likely see at least one scooter sharing the road with you. Common and popular in cities around the country (and world), scooters are an inexpensive alternative form of transportation – small, light, and economical. For individuals who choose not to take on the […]


Swimming Pool Water Quality, Health, and Safety

It’s bad enough to be sick in the winter when the weather is uncooperative, but to be ill in the summertime when you really want to be out enjoying the sunshine seems especially unfair. Yes, illness can strike at any time, and sometimes its source is the thing you least expect. After a day of […]