Month: January 2018

Helmet cameras a major improvement for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have not been on the receiving end of the safety equipment revolution that has made many cars much safer than they were even just 15 years ago. There is so much more to the car that allows for engineers to develop new safety mechanisms that keep people safe. Conversely, there isn’t so much to […]


The Many Injuries One Might Incur On a Leisurely Sunday

Most of us go about our days without worrying about receiving an untimely injury. While injuries are rare, they do unfortunately occur. Injuries can take place at any time of the day while performing any activity. Here is a list of injuries that might befall someone on any given Sunday. Broken Wrist Slipping and falling […]


Major Differences Between Civil and Criminal Cases

Each case brought to court is either criminal or civil. Every illegal infraction will come to a verdict after having gone through the stages of a civil or criminal proceeding. While there are a number of similarities, there are also key differences that the public should be aware of. Criminal cases are brought to court […]