5 Reasons to Hire a Burn Injury Attorney

Those who suffer from a serious burn injury must focus on their healing and recovery. Burns can be severe and require weeks and months of medical attention. You or your loved one will need help covering your financial needs during and after your recovery.

A Burn Injury Attorney realizes that no amount of money will ever undo the harm a burn victim suffered. But when someone other than the victim caused or contributed to the accident, the burn victim has the right to seek compensation for damages from that party.

Usually, this involves filing an insurance claim or filing a civil personal injury lawsuit. In either case, you may benefit from hiring a skilled lawyer to help you with the burn injury claims process and to ensure you get the full amount you deserve.

The amount you may recover depends on the extent of your injuries. In some cases, family members may also be entitled to compensation if your injuries affect their well-being.

5 Reasons for Hiring a Burn Injury Attorney

A knowledgeable lawyer can help in several ways during the legal process:

  1. A skilled legal team can take on the burden of gathering evidence, finding medical experts and filing all necessary paperwork, assuring all deadlines and legal requirements are met
  1. A qualified attorney can help you pursue fair settlement to cover all your expenses and to compensate you for your physical, financial, and emotional losses
  1. A lawyer can work to negotiate a settlement and if necessary, go to court on your behalf
  1. Gerling Law with locations in Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville and Owensboro understands how to work with powerful insurance companies to obtain maximum compensation
  1. There is nothing to lose since the large majority of law firms work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not charge a fee unless and until they help secure a settlement

A Final Thought

If you’ve suffered burns as a result of an incident that was the fault of another party, you should consider contacting Gerling Law with locations in the cities of Indianapolis, Louisville and Owensboro as well as Evansville, IN.

Call Gerling Law today at 888-437-5464 or complete our free case review form for a no-obligation initial consultation.

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