8 vehicles involved, 7 people injured in Indianapolis crash

While the following story is a couple of months old, the circumstances of the car accident in question still make for an important post. The wreck in question occurred back in June in Indianapolis, with at least seven vehicles being involved.

Around 10:45 p.m. the seven vehicles converged on west 73rd Street near Spring Mill road. Eight people suffered injuries in the crash, though thankfully none of the injuries were deemed life-threatening. However, there were some people that suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization. Two of the people harmed in the crash were children.

Some witnesses of the crash said that at least one vehicle ran a red light at the intersection. It is unclear at this time if this is what triggered the crash. The police are still investigating and no official word has been given about the cause of the crash.

But running a red light qualifies as reckless and negligent behavior out on the road. Far too many accidents occur as a result of this type of behavior, which can include distracted driving, drunk driving, dangerous driving (such as speeding), and many other unsafe behaviors. Victims of any car accidents that involved a distracted, drunk, dangerous, or otherwise reckless driver should consider their legal options immediately. These unsafe drivers should be held accountable for what they have done.

Source: WTHR, “At least 8 injured in northwest Indianapolis crash,” June 17, 2017

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