Our Purpose

Welcome to Gerling Law’s regional law practice. Gerling Law, with locations in Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville and Owensboro, is known for being among the most accomplished and aggressive law firms in the Tri-State area.

The Gerling Firm exists for one reason: to pursue justice for you, no matter what. Every member of our legal team will work hard and make every effort to seek just and fair settlement or compensation for you. This is as vital and important to me as it is to you.

I know your rights and I know the law.

Others may want you to settle for what they say is fair — but I know better.

The attorneys of the Gerling Law Firm have the resources and experience to offer sound legal advice, and are committed to fight aggressively for the best outcome for you, whether your case requires Personal Injury Lawyers, Medical Malpractice Lawyers or Social Security Disability Lawyers.

Why do lawyers have a bad reputation?

If you’ve been looking through law firm websites and watching television ads, you’ve probably seen a lot of chest-pounding and proclamations about being hard-hitting. You probably think that all lawyers are focused solely on fighting and winning cases at any cost, and aren’t too concerned about ordinary people.

But that just isn’t true. The Gerling Firm is all about obtaining justice and fairness for people who are suffering. Whether they have suffered a loss because of an injury or negligence on the part of someone else … or are struggling to make ends meet because of a disability that keeps them from working … our lawyers are focused on helping them receive the fair compensation they deserve.

All lawyers, including the team at Gerling Law, have sworn an oath that says, “I will abstain from offensive [behavior]…” and “I will preserve […] the secrets of my client at every peril to myself.” We take that oath to heart, believing that a caring, people-focused philosophy is a critical and valuable element of strong and effective legal representation.

My position is to be hardline against your opponents, yet I’ll always take the high road in my dealings with my clients. I am Gayle Gerling Pettinga. Along with my fellow attorneys at Gerling Law, I will standup confidently and assertively on your behalf, but treat you with the compassion, respect, and integrity you deserve.

Call the Gerling Firm at 1-888-GERLING (888-437-5464) or contact us online for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. Remember, Go with Experience. Go with Gerling.