motorcycle injuries

Injuries received by a motorcyclist in a collision with a car can be devastating.

Although inexperienced riders cause some motorcycle accidents, other vehicles cause the majority of motorcycle accidents because drivers often fail to see motorcyclists.

In fact, drivers, not motorcyclists, cause over two-thirds of car-motorcycle crashes. That is just one of the many surprising statistics about the circumstances involving motorcycle accidents. There are many more eye-opening facts that you should know if you are a rider.

If you’ve been injured while riding, contact motorcycle accident attorneys at Gerling Law. An experienced Gerling attorney can help determine who is at fault and responsible for your injuries. A thorough investigation is important because there are many potential causes of motorcycle accidents, such as:

Driver Negligence Is One of the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers of cars often fail to give motorcyclists the same rights as other drivers, or they don’t see the motorcycle due to its smaller size. Inattentive driving, failing to notice motorcyclists, and disobeying the rules of the road all can lead to motorcycle-car collisions. The driver could also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Did a Defective Helmet or Equipment Cause Your Motorcycle Accident?

Helmets can help save a motorcyclist’s life in an accident. If the helmet or other equipment is faulty and fails to protect you, the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of the defective product can be held liable for your injuries. Defective motorcycle design can also cause accidents, especially accidents involving only the motorcyclist.

A Gerling Law attorney with experience in motorcycle accident cases can investigate your case to determine if a defective product is to blame for your injuries. We can hold the responsible parties liable and pursue full compensation under the law.

Motorcycle Riders Are at High Risk for Injuries

If you ride a motorcycle, you may be at extremely high risk for serious personal injury if you are involved in an accident, since motorcycles lack the bulk and weight of cars, as well as protective features such as roofs, doors, and seatbelts.

Even with a helmet and protective armored clothing, a rider does not have the protection that a person riding in a car has. If you suffer injuries in a wreck with a car, your injuries can be extensive and life-changing. Brain and spinal cord injuries are common and can lead to paralysis, permanent disability, and even death.

Serious injuries may require long-term rehabilitation and lead to costly medical bills. Gerling Law has years of experience dealing with automobile and motorcycle accidents. We understand the difficulties faced in recovering from serious injuries and the need for an experienced attorney to handle issues such as medical bills, rehabilitation, insurance coverage, and recovery of compensation.

Did You Lose a Loved One in a Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, because of the severity of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, these injuries often end in death. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident caused by another’s negligent actions, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim to hold the wrongdoer responsible.

Our Attorneys Are Here to Help You Get Through the Trauma of Your Motorcycle Accident

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, our lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. With our extensive experience and resources, we will investigate your accident, review the evidence, and hold the responsible party liable for your injuries.

Our firm believes that riders have the same rights as other drivers on the road, and our motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients in Indianapolis, Evansville, Louisville, Owensboro and surrounding areas get the compensation they deserve.

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