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Major Differences Between Civil and Criminal Cases

Each case brought to court is either criminal or civil. Every illegal infraction will come to a verdict after having gone through the stages of a civil or criminal proceeding. While there are a number of similarities, there are also key differences that the public should be aware of. Criminal cases are brought to court […]


Why doctor-patient confidentiality is so important

Imagine a world without doctor-patient confidentiality. There would be people that would avoid going to the doctor for fear that their medical condition would be leaked to the public, or that their doctor may tell people connected with their social circle. The potential embarrassment of a medical condition is very real, and without this confidentiality […]


How to Find a Law Firm that Suits Your Needs

  With hundreds of law firms to choose from, it can be daunting attempting to find one that works for you. Considering you’re must likely dealing with a time-sensitive issue, you’ll need to swiftly find a lawyer that you know will be an appropriate fit for you. Here are some tips you should look out […]