Did a dog bite you?

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Owning a dog is a great responsibility, but also a great joy. Many people are now choosing to adopt dogs in place of having children. We have coined phrases like “dog mom” or “fur baby” to describe a person who owns a dog. But with the joys of adopting a dog comes the responsibility of making sure the dog does not bite.

Despite how well a dog might be trained, they still have animal instincts deep inside their DNA. All it takes is one bad moment for those instincts to be triggered and activated. Dog bites, no matter the level of severity, can be extremely dangerous.

Any size of a dog bite can quickly become infected. Think about all the germs a dog can pick up in a day. From running around outside, being around other animals, etc. An infected bite can lead to so much more medically. Not only this, sometimes when a dog bites a human, it is deemed too aggressive and is put down. This can be devastating for the family who owned the dog.

How often does this happen?

The Centers for Disease Control reports an average 4.7 million dog bites annually in the United States. Of those 4.7 million, 17% of those bites result in medical attention needing to be sought. At first, that 17% may not seem like a large number. However, what if you were a part of that 17%? What if a dog bit your small child? That 17% then becomes a real statistic to you. Knowledge is the best way to avoid one of these harmful attacks, so let’s take a look at the reasons why dogs bite.

Why do dogs bite?

Most of the time, dogs will bite in response to stressful situations, or times when they feel threatened. Some dogs may bite in order to protect their puppies or owners. Even the most obedient dogs will growl if you come near them while eating, because dogs are wired to protect their food and what is theirs.

Dogs can have bad days just like humans. Simply feeling unwell can give them a reason to bite. It is also common for dogs to bite playfully when roughhousing, therefore it is important to educate young children not to be rough with dogs. Dogs may not understand to be gentler with children. Being aware and knowledgeable about these situations will better protect you, your children and your dog, if you’re an owner.

Take precautions.

As an owner, you should ensure your dog is well-trained before heading out in public. Especially if it is a situation where small children may be present. Kids don’t always know that every dog is not a nice puppy. And unfortunately, parents aren’t watching their kids all the time. It would benefit you as an owner to train your dog well and keep them close by on a leash when out in public.

A lot of times when a dog bites, it does not end well for the dog, even if it is the first time the dog has bitten. If you see someone approaching your dog, whether a child or adult, make sure you are watching your dog and observing their behavior. Any kind of unsettling environment could add an edge to your dog’s behavior, resulting in a dog bite.

Prevention tips.

  • Do not make loud noises
  • Do not run away quickly in panic
  • If attacked, try to get into the fetal position, protecting your neck and head
  • Do not approach a dog with puppies
  • Do not make direct eye contact with a dog you do not know

Following these tips as an owner or as a bystander can greatly increase your chance of safety and help you avoid dog bites.

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