Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs are often thought of as cute, friendly, even cuddly pets. But what happens when these pets turn fierce, angry, and violent? At Gerling Law, our professional team knows all too well about dog bite accidents. Regardless of how or why the attack took place, someone should be held accountable for their pet’s actions.

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a dog bite accident, and you’re in the Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Owensboro, then contact our professional team today. Let us help you with this legal process.

Your Dog Bite Accident Attorney

According to, in 2017, 39 dog bite-related fatalities occurred throughout the United States. Further, pit bulls contributed to 74 percent (or 29) of these deaths.

When a dog bite injury does occur, it can range from mild to severe, and include any of the following: punctures, lacerations, abrasions, nerve damage, tissue avulsion, severe bleeding, broken bones, and more. What seems like a small or standard injury can even lead to a serious infection, resulting in more damage.

Dog bite accidents generally occur because the dog in question is being neglected, abused, or does not have proper restraints. Regardless, the owner of the dog is still responsible for his or her pet’s actions. Specifically, the owner could be held accountable for all damages caused by the dog bite accident.

Those who suffer from a dog bite accident may experience any of the following damages: medical bills, missed wages, therapy, physical therapy, scarring, expensive treatment, and more. A professional attorney can help you get compensation for these damages.

Contact a Dog Bite Accident Attorney

Dog bite accidents are unfortunate, yet, someone needs to take responsibility for the damage. You do not deserve to suffer due to someone else’s pet. You also do not have to face this legal process alone. Contact Gerling Law today. Let our team successfully help you move forward.

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