During Distracted Driving Awareness Month, be aware of dangers

Motorists in Evansville and elsewhere are aware of the many risks that can occur on the roadways. Nonetheless, it is imperative that drivers understand these dangers. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which is a good time to understand the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving includes any activity not related to driving that removes the driver’s attention from the roadway. Distracted driving activities distract the driver’s attention from the primary task of driving.

The three types of distracted driving include cognitive distractions, which remove the driver’s mental focus from the roadway and task of driving, visual distractions that remove the driver’s eyes from the roadway and task of driving and manual distractions, which remove the driver’s hands from the wheel and the task of driving. Specific distracted driving activities can include using a cell phone, using a navigation system, operating a radio, watching videos, eating, drinking or grooming while driving or talking with passengers. Texting while driving includes all three forms of distraction and is considered the most dangerous.

Distracted driving is a serious concern for victims. The United States Department of Transportation reports that during 2012, 3,328 victims died in distracted driving-related car accidents and 421,000 victims suffered injuries in distracted driving-related car accidents. In total, 17 percent of injury accidents involved driver distraction. Distracted driving can cause serious harm to victims and their families, which is why legal options are available to help protect them when they have been harmed by a distracted driver.

Victims of distracted driving-related car accidents may unexpectedly suffer serious physical, financial and emotional damages. Personal injury legal options can help victims recover compensation for the damages they have suffered at the hands of a distracted driver.

Source: Indiana Department of Labor, “Distracted Driving,” Accessed April 9, 2017

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