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5 Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

There may come a time in your life when you must make the difficult decision to admit a loved one into a nursing home. This decision is never easy. Finding a nursing home you can trust takes time. When that trust is abused, and negligence occurs, recognize the signs and take action. Here are five signs of nursing home negligence. Three involve actual abuse (physical/sexual, financial, and emotional). Two involve neglect and abandonment. Following are the signs of nursing home negligence. Physical and Sexual Abuse Unexplained wounds or injuries are signs of physical abuse. Sometimes the injuries are not obvious. If possible, talk with your loved one about how they feel. For example, ask if they are in pain. Signs of physical abuse range from bruises to broken bones. Also, if a doctor sees your loved one quite often, ask why the need for so many visits. Be aware, the nursing home could be hiding injuries from you. Abuse can occur as sexual abuse. Sexual abuse includes sexually transmitted diseases or infections or injury to genitalia or the anal area. Again, these injuries may not be obvious, so asking your loved one questions is important. Financial Abuse Financial abuse happens often because most nursing home patients can’t manage their own finances. Signs of financial abuse include missing property and unexplained charges on bills. To this end, make sure you regularly check finances and ask about anything you don’t understand on the bill. Emotional Abuse Signs of emotional abuse include anxiety, fear of medical staff and refusing care. Because there is no physical evidence, emotional abuse is hard to prove. Ask your loved one how they like the nursing staff. In addition, ask if they have a favorite nurse. These questions may help you find out if anything is wrong. Negligence Negligence in nursing homes is failing to meet the standard of care for a patient that results in serious illness or injury. For nursing home patients, neglect includes being underfed, dehydrated, bad hygiene, or bedsores. Also, if your loved one complains about not being seen by a doctor when requesting one, this can be negligence. Abandonment Abandonment occurs when a patient’s conditions are unsanitary or dirty. Therefore, if the your loved one’s room, bathroom, bed or person is always dirty, the nursing home has been negligent. Abandoning a person who cannot care for themselves is heartless and wrong. If you believe your loved one has experienced nursing home negligence, it is important to seek legal help. Gerling Law is here to answer your questions. Gerling Law is a leading personal injury law firm dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation to individuals and their families.  With over 50 years of experience, Gerling Law has helped thousands of people in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in a wide variety of personal injury and consumer protection cases, including trucking accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and social security disability. Gerling Law takes pride in the fact that we have never represented insurance companies, hospitals or large corporations and that we fight against powerful companies for our clients. If you need an experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyer, Gerling Law is here to help.  You can always reach us at 888-GERLING (888-437-5464) or through our website at www.gerlinglaw.com.

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Why Hire an Evansville Back and Neck Injuries Lawyer?

A back or neck injury can be debilitating and can occur from many sources including slipping and falling, a sports accident, or an auto accident. Whatever the reason for your pain; an Evansville back and neck injuries lawyer from Gerling Law can provide you with the help you need to get the compensation you deserve. You can get the answers that you need. The legal professional will fully understand the laws that surround a case where you have been injured through no fault of your own and understands your need assistance throughout the process. Learn How an Evansville Back and Neck Injuries Lawyer Can Help When you hire an Evansville back and neck injuries lawyer in Indiana, you will be hiring the backup that you need so that you can work on recovery in peace. One of our lawyers will handle incoming questions from outsiders related to the incident causing your injuries. This means that the other lawyers, insurance companies and perhaps employers will go through your lawyer to get information about the situation. This allows you to work on recovery instead of dealing with the logistics of the situation. Our lawyer will provide you with information regarding the case at hand and give you feedback on what they believe the outcome will be. We will be able to plan the next steps of the case and help you focus on healing. Get the Help You Need from an Evansville Back and Neck Injuries Lawyer It is important that you provide our Evansville back and neck injuries lawyer with as much information about how you became injured as possible. This will give them a clear idea of the situation and allow them to better provide you with advice. Our expert lawyer will need to get information from your doctors regarding your prognosis, and he or she will need to get some idea of what you have lost in wages. The sooner you get in touch with an Evansville back and neck injuries lawyer the faster they can become prepared for the events ahead. Call Gerling Law at 888-437-5464 to learn more about how you can get the compensation that you deserve.

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