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Need a Construction Accident Attorney?

Were you recently injured on or around a construction site? At Gerling Law, we fully understand that accidents happen. However, in our professional experience, most accidents can be prevented. Further, if you have medical bills, a construction accident attorney can help ensure you are fairly compensated for your pain, suffering, and any inconvenience experienced. If you are in Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Owensboro, then contact us today. Your Construction Accident Attorney According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2016, out of 4,693 worker fatalities in private industry, 21.1 percent were in the construction field. More specifically, one in five worker deaths in 2016 were connected to construction. While an important industry, construction is still one of the most dangerous industries for employees. Regardless if the worker is onsite at a private residence, public building, or business, there are always risks. Workers are not the only individuals susceptible to harm. Those walking around or near a worksite can also face potential injuries. Common construction site accidents and injuries often stem from the following: fall injuries, machinery accidents, electrocution, vehicle accidents, and exposure to toxic chemicals. Individuals who experience these accidents can suffer from hearing loss, vision damage, spinal cord injuries, burns, back injuries, and much more. Unfortunately, a construction accident attorney cannot undo the pain and suffering a victim has experienced. It is still beneficial to have a legal professional on your side, not only to help move the process along quickly and smoothly but also to fight for fair compensation for your medical bills and missed wages. Contact a Construction Accident Attorney Today If you have recently sustained a construction accident injury, you have been through more than enough. Now, let a construction accident attorney help you. This battle may be long, tedious, and expensive, so don’t face it alone. After all, your time and focus should be spent healing. Leave the legal trouble to Gerling Law.

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