When Are You Most Likely to Get Into a Car Accident?

Driving has long been the number one mode of transport in the US. Thousands of drivers are making their way in and out of Ownesboro, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Evansville every day. With thousands of drivers on the road at any given time, accidents are bound to happen. But what situations lead to more accidents than others? It’s important to know when accidents are most likely to occur so that you can ready yourself. Here are a few situations when car accidents are most ripe.

Within a 5-Mile Radius of Your Home

After a long day of work, you’re exhausted. You’ve put in your shift and now it’s time to unwind. The issue is that many employees decide to mentally check out the moment they leave work. We’ve all made the drive to our homes from our work hundreds if not thousands of times. This being the case, we often put our minds on autopilot and don’t dedicate as much attention to driving as we should. Such lax driving can lead to car accidents. Be aware that even if you’re conscious of your driving someone else may not be. If an accident should occur, get in touch with a Car Accident Lawyer immediately after the incident.

After a Long Night’s Drive

The best way to put an adult to sleep isn’t with a lullaby; it’s with a multi-hour drive through rather linear highways that have minimal traffic. Fatigue and boredom make a deadly driving combination. Studies have shown that driving while sleepy is tantamount to driving while intoxicated. Avoid 18-wheeler accidents by always being aware of the other cars around you while driving late at night.

Backseat Shenanigans

We all know the struggle of trying to drive through rush-hour traffic while our children are making a ruckus in the back seat. Policing and driving is a test of multi-tasking that no driver should ever have to pass.

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