Main Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Any damage to a spinal cord may result in lifelong injury. Someone who has sustained a spinal cord injury may not be able to send messages to or below the area that has been damaged. Such an injury may lead to a loss of basic motor skills, communicative skills, and can even be so severe as to cause paralysis. While the effects may be severe, spinal injuries are rare. Those who have sustained such an injury were probably involved in one of the following events.

Car Accidents

The majority of car accidents are minor and won’t lead to the incurring of any severe injury. However, once in a while such an accident will occur that leads to irreversible injury. Always be safe when driving, but should the worst befall you or a loved one, call a local based Spinal Cord Injury Attorney or Car Crash Lawyer.

Slips and Falls

More often than not, a slip is more of an embarrassing accident than it is a life-altering one. The best-case scenario is that one who’s slipped blushes for a mere moment before moving on. However, occasionally a slip can result in something a bit more sinister. If you feel like the slip wasn’t entirely your fault, you should call a Premises Liability Lawyer in your local Evansville-Owensboro area to see if you have a case.

Violent Altercations

While rare, spinal injuries can result from violent altercations. Luckily this cause of spinal injury is easily avoidable, thus severely decreasing your chances of sustaining a spinal injury.

A Sporting Injury

Both youth and professional sports are slowly acknowledging the harmful effects that head injuries may have on players down the road. Yet while preventative measures have been taken for head injuries, no such thing can be found for preventing spinal injuries. If you feel as though the sporting organizations should be held accountable, you should call the Gerling Law Firm for a free consultation.

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