Americans are good people who like to work and earn their own way. Most of us are fortunate enough to do that until retirement. But some of us aren’t that lucky. Some of us get hurt or get sick, and we can’t go on working. That’s why the Social Security system is legally required to provide disability benefits to Americans who qualify.

If you’re a good, hardworking person who has paid Social Security (FICA) taxes on your wages, and your doctor says you can’t work anymore, you’re probably entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Gerling Law has been in the business of helping people with legal problems since 1963, and we’re very good at it. By successfully representing thousands of clients, we have built a reputation for powerful advocacy, integrity, and caring. Our experience gives comfort to our clients, many of whom are struggling to pay bills and deal with the challenges created by their disabilities.

People like you come to us because, unlike other firms, we will take a case from the very beginning. We’re willing to handle the initial paperwork and confusing Social Security Disability forms. We also help people who have filed for disability benefits and have been denied by Social Security.

Other people who have already qualified for Social Security Disability turn to us when Social Security demands they prove that their disabilities still exist. No matter what your situation, Gerling Law gives you a powerful advantage when you’re battling a huge government bureaucracy like the Social Security Administration.

We are a regional firm with locations in Evansville, Indianapolis, and Owensboro. Our entire team of professionals has been trained by us and works under our personal supervision. And all of our people are committed to upholding our proud standards of excellence and integrity.

Social Security Disability Attorney Vs. Social Security Disability Advocate

When you work with the Gerling Firm, you’ll be represented by a Social Security Disability attorney, not an advocate. There’s a big difference between an attorney and an advocate, and it’s important to know. Unlike advocates, Social Security Disability attorneys must receive a challenging legal education in law school after earning a college degree.

Attorneys must pass a demanding bar examination and obtain continuing legal education hours every year to maintain their law licenses. Attorneys are bound by ethical and advertising rules that protect clients. Advocates are not equal or similar to attorneys. Advocates do not graduate from law school, and are not required to pass any examinations or meet any continuing education requirements.

Advocates are not bound by ethical and advertising rules. Advocates can’t be disbarred for mishandling a case, and advocates can exaggerate claims about their performance. A Gerling Law attorney will argue on your behalf, supporting your claim with the legal training and knowledge that only an attorney can possess.

We’re successful because we bring the strength and power of legal professionals to our client’s claims. Even though we cannot change the reason for or nature of your disability, we can help you by taking charge of the benefits process.

How Do We Get Paid?

We get paid only when we win your case. In addition, the government closely regulates our fees. You don’t have to pay a penny to put us to work for you. You simply need to pick up the phone and call us. You can start getting the help you need right away.

Because our fee is the same no matter when we begin our work for you, it’s in your best interests to retain us from the very beginning. What if you’ve already had an application denied or have worked with other Social Security lawyers? That’s no problem — we will still work hard to win your case.

Go With Experience. Go With Gerling.

At Gerling Law, we care about our clients, and our commitment to each client’s case is both personal and professional. Our lawyers get results in Social Security Disability law, and we will put our legal experience to work for you.

To get the help you need, call Gerling Law today at 1-888-GERLING (888-437-5464) or complete our Social Security Disability case evaluation for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

Remember, Go with Experience. Go with Gerling.