Jennifer Bland

Jennifer Bland’s life took her to Glendale, Arizona, where she attended high school, and then brought her back to her hometown of Evansville. The law fascinated her, and after attending college for a while, she had an opportunity to take a legal secretary/paralegal role with a firm. She has been helping attorneys fight for their clients’ rights ever since. Jennifer has been involved in both general and criminal law, with the rare experience of having worked on three death penalty cases, one of which was in federal court. She has also coordinated the extensive paperwork and research on a long list of appeals, with a fast, efficient approach that helps the attorneys she works with make the most effective use of their time. And while she gives her all at work, Jennifer knows how to relax. If she’s not hanging out with her family (including her son and daughter) or her friends, you’ll probably find her curled up with a good book or listening to music. She also enjoys a part-time position as a bartender at the local American Legion post, and confesses to a newfound fascination with body art.