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Takata air bag problems offer consumers chance at prevention

Takata air bag problems offer consumers chance at prevention In many ways, consumer safety seems to be on something of a reverse track. Typically, a person can only seek compensation for damages suffered after an accident occurs and injury caused. That certainly is true when dealing with motor vehicle accidents. The crash happens. Victims are hurt or worse, suffer fatal injuries. Recovery of benefits and compensation depends on being able to show through evidence that someone’s specific recklessness or negligence caused the unfortunate tragedy. Because of the legal nature of such cases, a skilled attorney’s help offers the best chance at optimal recovery. The normal process gets flipped on its head sometimes, such as in the matter of Takata air bags. Readers surely are familiar with this issue. The passive safety devices have been standard equipment in most passenger vehicles for many years. In the past few years, though, it’s been discovered that millions of models made by Takata could be unsafe. The chemical propellants that inflate the bags can become unstable from humidity and moisture and go off unexpectedly. It can happen with such force that canister shrapnel spews into vehicle passengers. At least 17 deaths and many more injuries are attributed to the faulty air bags. Tens of millions are already under recall, straining the ability of Takata and the rest of the auto industry to resolve the problem. In the wake of the initial discovery, Takata started adding a drying agent to new and replacement air bags. Then, earlier this month came word that many of those might not be safe. What makes this situation so different from other defective product cases is that the government knows about the problem and a website exists where consumers can check to see if the air bags in their vehicles are subject to recall. Then you can take action to ensure you are doing all you can to stay safe behind the wheel.

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