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Case Updates

December 28, 2020 Taxotere Trial Schedule Update December 28, 2020 “The Court selected certain Plaintiffs to proceed with discovery in preparation for the fourth bellwether trial.”
December 21, 2020 Taxotere Trial Schedule Update December 21, 2020 The Court continued the second bellwether trial.
November 12, 2020 Sanofi Faces Financial Conduct Authority Claims Judge Brody ruled that the evidence likely indicates that Sanofi was aware its advisory boards did not align with its internal compliance policies.
November 6, 2020 Taxotere Trial Schedule Update November 6, 2020 The Court amended certain pretrial deadlines for the third, fourth, and fifth bellwether trials.”
August 19, 2020 Taxotere Trial Schedule Update August 19, 2020 “Per the parties’ agreement, the Court amended certain pretrial deadlines and trial dates.”
May 5, 2020 Taxotere Trial Schedule Update May 5, 2020 “The Court reset the second bellwether trial for October 19, 2020.”
September 6, 2019 Taxotere Lawsuit Update September 2019 A federal jury ruled in Sanofi’s favor in the first bellwether trial.
April 23, 2021 Taxotere Lawsuit Number Update April 2019 There were 11,430 Taxotere lawsuits pending as of April 2019.
March 22, 2019 Delay of First Taxotere Bellwether Trial The start of the first bellwether trial was delayed until September 16, 2019.
September 21, 2017 Sanofi’s Motion to Dismiss Denied The Court denied Sanofi’s motion to dismiss all counts.
October 12, 2016 30 Lawsuits Consolidated into MDL Over 30 lawsuits were consolidated in the Eastern District of Louisiana as the initial Taxotere multidistrict litigation (MDL).
December 23, 2015 Alopecia Added as Potential Side Effect to Label The potential side effect of alopecia was included on the Taxotere label for the first time.

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