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March 16, 2021 – Veterans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may get some relief.  President Biden’s plan called the American Rescue Plan has now been passed.  A portion of this plan is focused on the Veterans Administration to improve the lives of veterans nationwide. 

$17 billion was given to the Veterans Administration to aid in health care, housing support for homeless veterans, debt forgiveness related to copayments, construction grants, the backlog of compensation and pension claims, and much more.  According to the VA, compensation, and pension claims have grown from 76,000 in March of 2020 to more than 212,000 in March of 2021.

Reference: “How the American Rescue Plan aids VA in helping Veterans”, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, VAntage Point Official Blog of the U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs, VA News Release, March 16, 2021, https://blogs.va.gov/VAntage/86147/american-rescue-plan-aids-va-helping-veterans/

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