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After a serious injury or illness you might not know where to turn. You’ve got medical bills piling up, you’re not able to work, and the stress from the situation makes it difficult to focus on healing.

Our personal injury attorneys in Evansville and the surrounding area can help.

We are here for one reason: the pursuit of justice for our clients, no matter what. We will fight for you. We will win for you.

Experienced. Tested. Successful.

The Evansville injury attorneys at Gerling Law have decades of experience helping people just like you. We work for clients all over Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Our team is skilled, passionate, and determined to help you get your life back.

Putting Clients First for Over 50 Years.

Gerling Law was founded on “client first” principles. In every situation, we do what’s best for our clients. During our long history, we’ve recovered over $500 Million for people in the tri-state area, and we want to help you to. We’re here 24/7, and we’re ready to start working on your case right now. Get a free consultation from an experienced member of our team today.

Evansville Personal Injury FAQs

If you or a family member have suffered from injuries in an accident, we know that this can be devastating. You likely want to know what an attorney might cost and what losses you may recover. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about personal injury claims in Evansville, Indiana. For more guidance, connect with our accomplished personal injury attorneys at Gerling Law.

How Much Does it Cost for an Evansville Personal Injury Lawyer?
What’s the Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Indiana?
How Long Do I Have to Bring a Claim in Indiana?
What Damages Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?
Will I Have to Go to Court for My Personal Injury Case?

How Can the Evansville Personal Injury Attorneys at Gerling Law Help You?

We’re ready to help with a wide variety of injury, social security, and mass tort issues. Reach out today to see how we can help with your case.

Go with Experience.
Go with Gerling. ®

A History of Wins for Our Clients

At Gerling Law Injury Attorneys, our focus is always on our clients. Our results speak for themselves:

Over $500 Million in Recoveries

$3.7 MILLION Wrongful Death; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$7.5 MILLION Brain Injury to Child; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$3.2 MILLION Permanent Brain Injury; Auto Collision
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Gayle Gerling Pettinga Owner & Attorney

5 Reasons People Choose Gerling Law

We Win

Our attorneys have recovered over $500 Million for injured plaintiffs in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

Our People

Our attorneys have over 125 years of experience, have received numerous awards, and are leaders of bar associations and community organizations. We also have talented and service-minded paraprofessionals with varying backgrounds on our team.

We Fight for Our Clients

We are at our best when our clients need someone to fight for them. We don’t back down. Our track record speaks for itself. We go head to head with the biggest corporations and insurance companies and we win.

We Are Available 24/7

Call or email us any time, 24/7, and we’ll be there for you.

No Fees Unless You Win

We won’t charge our clients a fee unless we successfully secure a settlement or judgment. Case reviews are always free.

After a car accident, I was left completely blind in one eye. I wasn’t sure who to turn to until I spoke with Gerling Law. From the beginning, I was completely blown away with the service I received at the firm. My attorney, Nikki Roby, and her paralegal, Jennifer Bland, were fantastic. Both my friend and I had to go through the process and we both were more than satisfied. I cannot say enough about how awesome the team was throughout the whole case. I would recommend Gerling Law to my friends, family, or anyone in need of an attorney for any injury. - Anne S.

Giving Back

Each and every person at Gerling Law believes in our community. Whether we’re talking about Evansville, Owensboro, or the greater states of Indiana and Kentucky, we focus on giving back where we can.

We strive to be more than personal injury lawyers, we want to be active and engaged members of the community. Whenever possible, we support local groups and organizations that give back to the community in a variety of ways. And we try to give as well. A community is only as strong as the people that create it.

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