Many veterans receive recurring monthly payments of over $3,000 per month in compensation from the VA.  Veterans may be entitled to additional compensation or benefits if they have qualifying dependents such as a spouse or children. Veterans may also qualify for special monthly compensation.   The VA pays according to this rating table.

The application process can be lengthy and overwhelming. This is why it is important to discuss your claims with a VA accredited attorney before filing.   

After you submit your application, the claim will be evaluated by the VA. Currently, the VA states a claim may take approximately up to 125 days on average to issue a rating decision.

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The process for filing your application is meant to be veteran-friendly. The VA allows you to file your application via their online portal in person, by mail, or by fax. By utilizing Ebenefits, you have access to your claims and can frequently check the status of your claims.

You can also file your claim with the help of an accredited attorney such as Gerling Law, an accredited claims agent, or Veteran’s Service Organization.  At Gerling Law, we evaluate your claims at no cost and can guide you through the application process.

When Gerling Law evaluates your claim, we want to understand how your service-connected impairments affect your life. When you file your application, it is important that the VA understand the full picture of your life and your impairments.

When you file your claim, it is important that you list every medical issue/condition you have. This one issue can make a large impact on the rating decision, as many applicants do not realize that they may have a claim for secondary service-connected benefits.

Some impairments started with your service; others may have been made worse by your service, and others may have arisen later as a result of a service-connected impairment. It is important to note every issue that affects your daily activities and how they started.