Over $500 Million in Recoveries

$7.5 Million Brain Injury to Child; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$3.7 Million Wrongful Death; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$3.2 Million Permanent Brain Injury; Auto Collision
$3.01 Million Permanent Brain Injury; Motorcycle - Tractor-Trailer Collision

Knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk with. Gerling Law Injury Attorneys provide a truly exemplary example of a metropolitan law firm that still cares for the welfare of the little guy who needs great representation! - Tresa H.

Gerling Law Works On A Contingency Basis

Gerling Law’s experienced Incretin Mimetics lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront costs. We only get paid if you receive money.

We Handle Mass Torts All Over The Country

We consider ourselves a national law firm that represents plaintiffs in mass tort cases in federal and state courts across the country. We have attorneys admitted to the full-time practice of law in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, and we can be admitted to practice on individual matters in other courts and, if necessary, we can engage local counsel at our own expense to comply with state ethical rules. In short, our mass tort clients live all over the country. No matter where you reside, we can help you with your case.

We Do The Work For You

We minimize paperwork, stress, and wait time as much as possible.

Over 50 Years Experience

Our lawyers have helped thousands of injured victims and their loved ones.

What's The First Step?

If you or a loved one have been injured by any of the above adverse effects or symptoms from taking incretin mimetics, you may have a claim. You should contact your physician promptly to address any needed medical treatment -- not only for your health but to also begin building your case.

The next step is familiarizing yourself with the civil litigation process so that you will know what to expect in an incretin mimetics lawsuit. You will also want to gather evidence to support your claim. Evidence can be medical bills or any other bills associated with your damages, voicemails and text messages (for example, a printed text message from your boss allowing you unpaid time off of work due to your damages), and any personal or witness testimony. The more evidence you have, the more your incretin mimetics lawyer can help you.

Then comes the most important step toward entering an incretin mimetics lawsuit aside from taking care of your health: contacting an incretin mimetics lawyer who will be able to effectively and aggressively fight for you.

Gerling Law's staff of attorneys, paralegals, and case support personnel are skilled at providing the focused, personal attention that your lawsuit deserves. Your lawyer will review your work history, medical history, and other facts pertinent to your case and advise you on your eligibility to participate in an incretin mimetics lawsuit. Call Gerling Law today for a free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation.

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