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Construction is one of America’s most dangerous industries. For example, the risk of being struck by a piece of heavy equipment is far higher than in other industries.

OSHA regulations mandate that all employers have a duty to protect the safety of their employees on a construction worksite. On worksites where there are multiple employers, general contractors also have a duty to make sure there are adequate safety precautions in place.

But accidents still happen on construction sites for any number of reasons. Falls, burns, heavy falling materials, equipment malfunction, explosions and electric shocks are some of the common causes of construction injuries.

Even the most conscientious construction worker can find him or herself in a dangerous situation that can’t be managed and suffer an injury. For a construction worker, an injury can mean being out of work for weeks, months or even years — and sometimes, it means never being able to work again.

A serious construction accident can change your life forever. In Evansville, the construction accident attorneys at Gerling Law have experience representing workers who have been injured in job site accidents and who have suffered serious injuries, including burns, paralysis or traumatic brain injuries. Our attorneys are prepared to thoroughly go over your or your loved one’s claim in a construction site accident.

You Need an Experienced Construction Accident Attorney to Help You Through This Time

Gerling Law’s experienced construction accident attorneys will provide you with the personal attention your case demands. You will most likely experience lost wages, be unable to work, suffer pain and be unable to enjoy any of your normal activities. You may also have huge medical bills and have a difficult time supporting your family.

We will thoroughly investigate your case and draw upon the ability of professionals to determine who is at fault and how the injuries could have been avoided. Our attorneys will also consider how the injuries will affect your future quality of life and the cost of any additional care that will be needed to ensure that the compensation received is adequate and just.

Get the Compensation You Deserve for Your Construction Accident. Call Gerling Law.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a construction accident, it’s important that you act quickly to protect your rights. Talking to a law firm with experience in accident cases makes sense.

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