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August 2, 2021 Paragard IUD Cases Rising
March 30, 2021 Paragard Faces Lawsuits for Misinforming Patients of IUD Risks Paragard is facing a growing number of lawsuits related to its IUD.
March 18, 2021 Paragard Facing Lawsuits Over IUD Breaking Apart Inside Patients More than 3,000 women have filed lawsuits against Paragard over their IUD.
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Over $500 Million in Recoveries

$7.5 Million Brain Injury to Child; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$3.7 Million Wrongful Death; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collision
$3.2 Million Permanent Brain Injury; Auto Collision
$3.01 Million Permanent Brain Injury; Motorcycle - Tractor-Trailer Collision

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Why Hire a Paragard IUD Class Action Lawsuit Attorney?

The thought of filing a lawsuit can be intimidating or overwhelming. And in some cases, pursuing a lawsuit very well could cost you more time and money than the end result might be worth.

However, when many people have experienced similar complications in connection with the same defective product, a class action lawsuit can be a great option.

Class action lawsuits provide an avenue for groups of similarly affected people to hold responsible parties accountable. Whereas it may not be economically feasible for someone to pursue their own individual lawsuit, class action plaintiffs can significantly reduce their own legal costs and fees, all while still getting the legal representation they need and deserve. If you have considered filing a Paragard IUD lawsuit, don’t let the potential cost be the only thing keeping you from moving forward.

With so many people impacted each year by severe Paragard complications, consider joining a Paragard IUD class action lawsuit. By doing so, you can still pursue financial compensation for your damages, and hold Paragard accountable, for a fraction of the price of filing your own individual lawsuit.

Gerling Law Works On A Contingency Basis

Gerling Law’s experienced Paragard Lawsuit Attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront costs. We only get paid if you receive money.

We Handle Mass Torts All Over The Country

We consider ourselves a national law firm that represents plaintiffs in mass tort cases in federal and state courts across the country. We have attorneys admitted to the full time practice of law in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky, and we can be admitted to practice on individual matters in other courts and, if necessary, we can engage local counsel at our own expense to comply with state ethical rules. In short, our mass tort clients live all over the country. No matter where you reside, we can help you with your case.

We Do The Work For You

We minimize paperwork, stress, and wait time as much as possible.

Over 50 Years Experience

Our Paragard Lawsuit attorneys have helped thousands of injured victims and their loved ones.

Contact Our Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorneys Today

For more information on the process of joining a class action lawsuit against Paragard IUD, contact the Gerling Law injury attorneys today. At Gerling Law, we have a history of success, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in well-deserved compensation for our clients in need. We have more than 50 years of experience pursuing justice for our clients, and we will always do the same for you.

So contact us today to discuss your case and see how we can help you recover. We are open 24/7 and are standing by and ready to fight for your rights.

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