Good patient advocacy sometimes includes legal counsel

Did you grow up thinking that doctors are all knowing? Many of us were. If a person spends the time to get the education and earns a license to practice medicine, there’s a presumption they are smarter than the average person is when it comes to health care.

That may be a safe assumption to make in most instances, but the truth is that individuals who got all A’s in med school and those who got all C’s are all called doctor if they have a license. It also can be true that the person who made all C’s might be the better care provider. Still, errors occur.

Medical competency depends on the solid delivery of the standard of care. To ensure it’s delivered these days, great emphasis is put on patient advocacy. Nurses may be in a prime position to serve in this role, however most medical professionals say patients fare better when they become active participants in their own care.

Being proactive can help ensure you get the right care at the right time. But if the proper standard is not met, how can you tell? You can’t be expected to know what procedures, tests and treatments constitute the standard of care. You can and should ask questions and press for answers, but If they don’t come or come too late, what then?

If you or someone you love suffered injury or died¬†because of suspected malpractice, you need a legal advocate experienced in the processes required to obtain the information that’s essential to understanding your case and equipped to fight for your rights.

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