Helmet cameras a major improvement for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have not been on the receiving end of the safety equipment revolution that has made many cars much safer than they were even just 15 years ago. There is so much more to the car that allows for engineers to develop new safety mechanisms that keep people safe. Conversely, there isn’t so much to work with on the motorcycle. The motorcycle is a small, open vehicle, which means that the rider is at extreme risk when they are involved in an accident. They could easily be thrown from the vehicle.

With that in mind, people have been focusing their motorcycle safety efforts on the equipment that the motorcyclist wears – and the obvious focal point has been the helmet. While gloves and padded clothing can certainly help, it is the motorcycle helmet that makes the big difference in protecting motorcyclists.

Some motorcycle helmets nowadays are equipped with heads-up displays on the visor, allowing the motorcyclist to see behind them and feeding them critical information about their surroundings. This allows the motorcyclist to better operate his or her vehicle out on the road.

Another piece of equipment that is critical to motorcyclists nowadays is an attachment to the helmet: a forward facing camera. With this equipment, you can record your rides and then use any video footage you capture to support your claims in court if you are in a motor vehicle accident.

Source: New Atlas, “Camera kit brings rear vision to motorcycle helmets,” Spiros Tsantilas, May 31, 2017

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