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Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. For that reason, the law takes the safety of construction workers very seriously. Under laws like OSHA, construction employers protect their employees by giving them personal protective equipment. Employers also work to adequately train their workers to handle dangerous equipment and work environments. Despite the law’s requirements, employers and contractors sometimes fail to protect their workers. When that happens, debilitating injuries and even deaths can result. 

If you have been injured while working at a construction site, the disruptions to your quality of life can be serious. That’s why you should seriously consider hiring a construction accident lawyer today. Our experienced construction accident attorneys can help you defend your rights and provide you with the personal attention that your case requires. 

Why Should I Get a Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

Having an attorney provides you with several essential benefits.

An Attorney Will Be Your Advocate

After a construction accident, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have to deal with various third parties like contractors, insurance companies, and medical providers. None of these third parties are on your side or have any obligation to help defend your rights. Instead, these entities fight to save money for themselves or otherwise advance their own interests. 

A construction accident lawyer knows how to stand up to these groups and negotiate effectively on your behalf. This will not only save you the trouble and stress of dealing with these groups, but will also help you get a better outcome for your case.

An Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Even relatively minor construction accidents frequently lead to lost wages, expensive medical bills, and permanent injuries. More serious accidents like falls, burns, and electric shocks can cause debilitating medical conditions like paralysis that change your life forever. No matter whether your injuries are crippling or relatively minor, an attorney will help you understand how much compensation you can receive.

An Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Options and What Is at Stake

You may be tempted to avoid hiring a construction site accident lawyer, especially if you don’t think your case is very serious. Yet the major reason you should consult an attorney is that their legal expertise allows them to see your case in a different light. 

Even if the law requires your employer to respect your rights, there’s no guarantee that they will.  A construction site attorney is different. From the moment you attend your initial consultation, they will help you understand your rights under the law and your employer’s duties to you. 

For example, what may seem like a trivial safety violation may be critical for helping you win your case. An attorney can also help you understand how to preserve your legal options and protect yourself from potential retaliation. Finally, an experienced construction accident lawyer knows the various kinds of construction accident claims and can give you guidance on what remedies you may have.

An Attorney Can Obtain the Information You Need

An experienced construction accident attorney is well-versed in state and federal laws concerning employers’ safety obligations and workers’ compensation. They know how to get the information you need to have the best chance of success. They will also investigate the circumstances of your case, collect helpful evidence, and interview witnesses. Once they’ve assembled all of this information, an attorney can persuasively present your case before a judge and jury if necessary. 

How Do I Choose the Right Construction Accident Lawyer for My Claim?

Maybe by now, you’ve decided to consult an attorney. However, it’s essential to pick the right attorney. So before you hire one, you need to consider several details. Does the attorney you want to hire have years or decades of experience, or did they just get out of law school? Do they have experience with construction accidents, or do they specialize in some other kind of law? How much do they charge? Do they charge their clients by the hour or only if they win your case? The ideal construction site attorney:

  • Has many positive client reviews and testimonies;
  • Has experience with your type of claim;
  • Works on a contingency fee basis;
  • Offers free initial consultations; and
  • Has been successful at winning their clients’ cases. 

A construction site attorney that meets these criteria can make all the difference between winning and losing your case. 

Why Should I Choose Gerling Law?

Gerling Law Injury Attorneys is not just any law firm. Our experienced construction accident lawyers know how difficult it is to put the pieces of your life together after being injured. As our client testimonials show, we’ll work with you to thoroughly investigate your case and ensure that you’re treated as a person rather than just a number. On top of that, we’ll draw upon our extensive experience to help you get the results you deserve in your case. And we won’t bill you for any legal fees unless and until we win your case. Even if you still aren’t sure your case needs an attorney, contact us today. Initial consultations are always free, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out.

Go with Experience. Go with Gerling. ®

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