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Trucking companies and insurance carriers have much on the line after a truck accident and will defend against accident claims feverishly. Insurance companies often begin an investigation immediately following the crash, usually dispatching adjusters and assessors within hours or days. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may still be in the thick of physical treatment and emotional recovery when the insurance company gets to work. Truck accident victims can be particularly vulnerable to insurance company trickery. Here, we discuss five tips for dealing with insurance companies after a truck accident.

Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

We always recommend seeking the advice of a personal injury or accident attorney following any severe crash. A lawyer will help you pursue any valid claims for damages and can guide you in those early moments, including how to speak with insurance adjusters.

Keep It Short and Factual

Shortly after the accident, you might find yourself on the other end of the phone with the trucking company’s insurance adjuster. If you have not yet hired an attorney, keeping this call short and to the point is crucial if you have not yet hired an attorney. Do not go into unnecessary detail. Stick to the facts of what transpired and, most importantly, do not admit fault. Even saying something as innocent as, “I’m sorry this happened” or “I didn’t even see them” can be damning. Insurance companies usually record these calls, and what you say can be used against you later.

Gather All Evidence About the Truck Accident

If you can, you should collect any evidence about the crash. Collecting evidence involves documenting and preserving it at the scene, including photos of injuries and damages, road and weather conditions, surrounding surveillance video, and more. You should also obtain the truck driver’s information and gather eyewitness contact info and statements. 

Receive and Continue with Medical Care

Always seek medical attention after a truck accident. Thoroughly document your injuries and keep all medical records.

Ensure that you follow all medical advice of your doctors and healthcare professionals. Insurance companies will try to downplay the severity of your injuries or show that you are not following doctor’s orders to avoid financial liability. 

Document the Effects of the Truck Accident

Documenting the short and long-term effects the truck accident had on your life can strengthen your claim against the insurance company. Staying organized and meticulous can make this process easier. 

You should keep a record of the following:

  • All medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses,
  • Estimates for the repair or replacement of your vehicle,
  • Time missed from work,
  • A diary of your symptoms, treatments, and physical limitations,
  • Evidence from the scene, such as photos, videos, and witness statements, and
  • The police/accident report

The more evidence you have, the stronger your claim will be. Having everything about your accident stored and organized in one place can make dealing with the insurance company easier.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

The number one tip for dealing with an insurance company after a truck accident is to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer. Truck accidents often involve serious injuries, multiple parties, lengthy litigation, and extensive discovery, all best handled by a knowledgeable and skilled attorney.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Hiring a truck accident attorney has many benefits. Navigating the insurance claim process after a truck accident can be overwhelming. 

Determine Liability

An attorney can help you determine liability. Who is responsible for the accident? Sometimes, this is simple and limited to the truck driver, but other times, it is more complicated. For instance, the trucking company, warehouse distributor, or truck manufacturer may be liable. Our team will help you take legal action against the appropriate parties.

File Your Claim

After determining the liable party, your lawyer will assist you with filing a claim. Insurance companies often have specific procedures and deadlines you must follow. If you cannot settle your claim, your attorney can help you through the complex process of a civil lawsuit.

Let us assist you from start to finish. Our experienced attorneys can help you with the following:

  • Investigate the accident,
  • Identify potentially liable parties,
  • Determine damages,
  • Gather evidence, including conducting interviews and depositions,
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjusters,
  • Assess how the pertinent laws, such as the statute of limitations, pertain to your case, and
  • Provide overall support and guidance throughout the legal process.

Allowing your attorney to use their legal expertise to advocate for the best possible outcome will enable you to focus on your recovery and healing.

Indiana Trucking Accident Attorneys

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