Learning about Social Security Benefits Denial

At Gerling Law, we know first-hand how stressful it can be to apply for social security benefits. Not only are most individuals disabled or unable to work, but they also have fear and anxiety that stems from the possibility of social security benefits denial. What does this mean, exactly? Simply put, some people are denied their benefits, and learning why can be beneficial to you and your family.

About Social Security Benefits Denial

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, social security benefits are based on the earnings on which you pay Social Security payroll taxes. More so, the higher amount you pay, the higher your earnings. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, facts and figures can become extremely confusing.

If you are concerned that you stand the chance of your social security benefits being denied, then educating yourself on common reasons as to why other cases of social security benefits denial happen may help.

For example, earning too much money can harm you. Notably, you may find your social security benefits being denied if, when you apply, you are working above the limit that is considered “substantial gainful activity.” Or, you are earning too much money to be considered “disabled.”

Other reasons for denial may include the following: the disability won’t last long enough or isn’t severe enough; the individual is being unreasonable or refuses to cooperate; the disability occurred due to a drug or alcohol abuse problem, and you have been convicted of a crime.

Social Security Benefits Denial—Getting Help

If you have experienced social security benefits denial, and you believe this ruling is unfair or unjust, then contact Gerling Law for help. As stated above, we understand how trying this time can be for you and your family. Further, we have experience with these types of cases. Don’t face the challenging journey alone. Leave the legal process to the professionals. If you are in Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Owensboro, then we want to hear from you.

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