How to Legally Handle the Heartbreak from Birth Injuries

Joy can quickly turn to devastation when there is concern and worry from birth injuries. After months of happiness and anticipation, the last thing you expect to hear during the excitement of childbirth is that your baby suffered a birth injury.

Data reveals that approximately one in every 9,714 babies in the U.S. is born with a birth injury. Birth injuries can occur from complications during the labor and delivery process, or result from improper prenatal medical care, or even prescription medication.

Regardless of the cause, birth injuries are traumatic and extremely emotional. Our attorneys in Evansville and all our law offices have a complete understanding of this sensitive situation. They will be an objective and compassionate voice for you and your family during the legal process.

Know Your Rights

Legal counsel can assist distraught parents in determining if the complications were caused by a birth defect or a birth injury. For example, cerebral palsy can be caused by a lack of oxygen during labor, which is an avoidable birth injury, or it can be the result of an unavoidable birth defect.

An attorney can also help determine if the birth injury claim should include not only the doctor, but also the hospital, nurses, and/or anesthesiologists.

A serious birth injury may have a lasting impact on the child and the family, especially if the infant has permanent disabilities and requires a lifetime of financial support.

“At Gerling Law, our attorneys know that you want what is best for your child’s recovery and future,” says Managing Attorney, Gayle Gerling Pettinga. “We have the resources, access to medical experts and experience to assist you during this heart-wrenching time.”

We encourage you to call any our offices serving the communities of Indianapolis, Louisville, and Owensboro as well as Evansville, IN, for more information and to speak with one of our lawyers. We will gracefully guide you through this challenging and difficult process.

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