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When you seek treatment for a medical condition in Evansville, you have every right to assume that you will be treated with a quality standard of care and that doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers will take the appropriate steps to deliver professional care. While the vast majority of medical professionals are competent and do meet that standard, at times, your medical care may fall short, and you could be harmed by negligent care instead.

When that happens, you have the right to pursue your legal options by retaining the services of a medical malpractice attorney who can help you recover damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, payment of medical bills and other related compensation.

Medical Malpractice Cases Can be Long and Complicated

At Gerling Law, we understand that proving negligence in a medical malpractice case can take extensive work to investigate how treatments were administered, which doctors and hospitals were ultimately responsible and how and when standards of care were breached. Our experienced team of malpractice attorneys dedicate themselves to fighting for your legal rights, proving fault in your case through the use of expert witnesses and diligent forensic efforts, and determining whether or not all established protocols were followed as part of your care.

In other cases, we may pursue medical device and equipment manufacturers if they produced defective products, or we may seek damages against a drug manufacturer if their medication is found to be the source of a patient’s injuries, or if they failed to warn patients adequately regarding the side effects of a drug.

We Are Ready to Negotiate a Medical Malpractice Case Settlement or Go to Trial If Needed

Depending on the facts of your case, Gerling Law may be able to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement on your behalf, saving you time, money and stress while getting you the compensation you deserve. We pride ourselves on being effective and aggressive on behalf of our clients and will take many factors into account as we work through the legal process.

However, when a defendant does not negotiate in good faith or if we determine you are due much more than is being offered, we are ready to set in front of a judge and jury to have your case heard at trial.

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