If You Were Attacked By A Dog, You Have Legal Rights.

We think of dogs as friendly companions, but that’s not always the case. Dogs and other pets bite millions of Americans each year, and many of those bites are severe enough to require medical care, including plastic surgery and treatment to improve the appearance of scars. Dog bites are particularly common among young children, who may not realize that a dog or other pet is vicious.

Owners of dogs and other animals are expected to keep them under control and away from people, if they are known to be aggressive. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog or other animal that belongs to someone else, you may be eligible for compensation for those injuries, as well as for scarring, emotional distress and lost wages from missing work.

Gerling Law’s attorneys have experience with pursuing justice for victims of animal bites. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine who is at fault and how the injuries could have been avoided. Our attorneys will also consider how the injuries will affect future quality of life and the cost of any additional care that will be needed to ensure that the compensation received is adequate and just.

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