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We think of dogs as friendly companions, but that’s not always the case.

Dogs and other pets bite millions of Americans each year, and many of those bites are severe enough to require medical care, including plastic surgery and treatment to improve the appearance of scars. Dog bites are particularly common among young children, who may not realize that a dog or other pet is vicious.

In Evansville, and throughout Indiana, owners are governed by state statutes that impose liability for dog bites on them. A dog owner is liable when a dog or any other animal under a person’s control or ownership, bites or attacks a person, as long as that person is acting peacefully, and it is in a location where the owner has a duty of care.

Dog Bites Fall Under Indiana’s “One Bite” Rule

Courts have ruled that a person who has been bitten by a dog can sue the dog’s owner for damages such as medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. The “one bite” rule states that a dog’s owner can be held liable if the owner knew or had reason to believe that the dog was likely to act aggressively or bite someone, even if it has never happened before.

Dog Bite Cases Are Also a Form of Personal Injury Cases Where Proving Negligence Is the Key

The test for many dog bite cases is whether or not a dog owner used reasonable care in trying to prevent their animal from injuring another person. Under personal injury laws, a dog owner may be deemed negligent if they did not, which is a foundational part of proving a personal injury case.

In some cases, if an owner failed to take reasonable precautions, they could also be charged with a misdemeanor crime if they recklessly, knowingly or intentionally failed to take reasonable care to restrain their dog. If the attack meets this standard and a person dies from their dog bite injuries, the dog owner could be charged with a felony.

Gerling Law’s attorneys have experience with pursuing justice for victims of animal bites. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine who is at fault and how the injuries could have been avoided. Our attorneys will also consider how the injuries will affect your future quality of life and the cost of any additional care that will be needed to ensure that the compensation received is adequate and just.

When a dog bite injury does occur, it can range from mild to severe, and include any of the following: punctures, lacerations, abrasions, nerve damage, tissue avulsion, severe bleeding, broken bones, and more. What seems like a small or standard injury can even lead to a serious infection, resulting in more damage.

Those who suffer from a dog bite accident may experience any of the following damages: medical bills, missed wages, therapy, physical therapy, scarring, expensive treatment, and more. A professional dog bite attorney in Evansville can help you get compensation for these damages.

Contact An Evansville Dog Bite Accident Attorney

Dog bite accidents are unfortunate, yet, someone needs to take responsibility for the damage. You do not deserve to suffer due to someone else’s pet. You also do not have to face this legal process alone.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured because of a dog bite, talking to a law firm with experience in dog bite cases makes sense.

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