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At the end of a hard winter, it can be helpful to review premises liability protections available to victims of slip and fall and other types of accidents. Victims may wonder what exactly premises liability refers to. Premises liability law includes a set of protections for victims who have suffered harm on another party’s property. Premises liability claims can include slip and fall claims, trip and fall claims and other types of claims for injuries that occur on the property of another.
Slip and fall accidents are a common type of premises liability injury, especially in the winter time, that can lead to a premises liability claim for damages. Slip and fall injuries, however, can occur in a shopping center or retail store, for instance, if the walkways are not kept clear, clean and safe for shoppers. Victims of a slip and fall accident can suffer serious physical injuries, as well as emotional and financial harm as a result of the accident.
In general, property owners and possessors of property owe a duty of care to those on their property to maintain the property in a safe condition. Property owners typically have a duty to keep the property free of hazardous property conditions or warn potential victims of the dangerous condition. In some circumstances, the status of the injured victim at the time of the accident can have an impact on a claim for damages.
Victims who have suffered a slip and fall or other type of injury on another party’s property may want to learn more about premises liability legal protections. Depending on the circumstances, victims who have suffered an injury may be able to recover damages associated with the physical, financial and emotional harmed they have suffered.
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