Slip and falls, broken sidewalks, and premises liability

Premises liability is an incredibly important area of law, even though it is one that most people won’t think about on a daily basis. Everywhere you go and everything you do can be connected back to premises liability. If this area of law didn’t exist, then there would be very few people in the world trying to maintain safe buildings or cleaning up obvious spills that could cause serious injury.

You will hear about premises liability lawsuits in the form of slip and falls quite often. These usually occur when a company or restaurant fails to clean up a spill on the ground, or they fail to put up a warning sign that alerts customers or patrons to the danger. There are other ways that these situations can occur, but this is a very common theme.

Other circumstances for premises liability cases include:

  • Apartments or housing complexes with negligent landlords that fail to properly install shelving units, leave broken staircases unattended, or generally leave dangerous conditions around without adequately addressing them.
  • Security problems at clubs or restaurants which contribute to an injurious incident.
  • Cracked, broken or busted sidewalks that cause innocent pedestrians to suffer serious or even life-changing injuries.

When filing a premises liability lawsuit, it is imperative for the plaintiff to be supported by experienced and passionate legal counsel. At Gerling Law, we fit both of these descriptors. We want to help you with your premises liability claim, and we will review your case and answer any questions that you may have about the legal process.

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