SSDI denials are common, but not insurmountable

It is widely known among those who provide legal services for individuals seeking Social Security Disability Insurance coverage that obtaining the benefits can be challenging.

The disability claimed must be on the designated list identified by the Social Security Administration. Proper medical documentation from your provider, according to SSA standards, is essential. You must demonstrate financial need by showing that your income is below established thresholds. Every field of your application must be filled out accurately. Shortcomings on any one of these fronts can result in a denied claim.

Indeed, the estimated rate of denials on all first-time SSDI applications currently stands at around 70 percent. And note that the majority of the challenges listed in the paragraph above don’t have anything to do with whether the applicant is truly disabled or not. Common reasons for denied claims can more often boil down to a lack of due diligence on the part of the filer or some other person’s failure in regard to providing necessary records.

Obviously, one of the wisest ways to avoid deficiencies is to turn to professionals with demonstrated experience and dedication to the job of making sure that:

  • Your condition is presented in terms that comply with qualifying disabilities.
  • Your income meets requirements, or can be made to through available legal tools.
  • Your application is assembled properly and reviewed to avoid errors before submission.

By working from the outset with a skilled attorney, applicants can improve the chances that their filing will be among the 30 percent that gain approval on the first try.

And if you’ve already seen your claim denied, enlisting a qualified attorney’s help can help you navigate the complicated appeals process and increase your chances of finally getting the disability benefits to which you are entitled.

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