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What Do I Do If I Was in an Accident with a FedEx Truck

If you live in Indiana, you know that the Hoosier State’s extensive transportation network can leave drivers susceptible to accidents with commercial vehicles. And you may wonder, What do I do if I was in an accident with a FedEx truck? The following roadmap will help you stay calm and navigate this challenging situation.

What Are the Best Steps to Take If I Was Hit by a FedEx Truck?

If you were in a car accident with a FedEx Truck taking these crucial next steps will help to ensure you’ve protected your well-being and legal rights.

Safety First

Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If anyone needs urgent medical attention, call an ambulance immediately. If possible, move your vehicle off the road, turn your hazard lights on, and set up flares or warning triangles to alert other drivers.

Contact Authorities and Report the Crash

In Indiana, all motorists must report a car accident within ten days if the crash traps someone in a vehicle, results in injuries or death, causes at least $1,000 in property damage, or involves unattended property whose owner you cannot locate. Authorities called to the scene will file a report on your behalf. But if they don’t, you can file your own crash report with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Gather Information

Exchange contact information, insurance policies, and vehicle details with the FedEx truck driver. Also, collect contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident and can provide written or recorded statements about what they saw.

Document the Accident

Take thorough notes. Be sure to write down the accident’s time, date, and weather conditions. Take photos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage and road conditions. And don’t forget to write down your memory of the accident and its details while you still remember them.

Preserve Evidence

Safeguard any physical evidence, for example, damaged personal belongings or parts of the vehicle. This proof may be crucial later in establishing liability. Additionally, request and keep a copy of the accident report filed by the authorities.

Seek Medical Attention

Some injuries, such as whiplash or internal trauma, may not present immediately. A medical evaluation is important for this and other reasons, even if you aren’t seriously injured. Record all doctor visits, treatments, and medical expenses related to the accident.

Notify Insurance Companies

Finally, report the accident to your insurance company. Contact FedEx’s insurance company as well, as it may speed up the claims process.

What Do I Do If I Was in an Accident with a FedEx Truck? Gerling Law Can Answer Your Questions

An accident with a FedEx truck involves the truck’s driver and a large corporation. At Gerling Law, our skilled advocates know how to hold big corporations accountable for their harmful actions. We have substantial experience dealing with commercial vehicle accidents and will fight tirelessly to ensure you collect the compensation you’re entitled to. Call us today at 888-437-5464 for a free consultation. We understand Indiana’s personal injury laws and how big companies think and can answer all your FedEx accident-related questions.

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