How to Interact With a Stranger’s Dog

People often take for granted the safety in petting a stranger’s dog. The fact of the matter is that while some dogs welcome being stroked from a new person, others may need a moment or two to be acquainted before fawning may commence. To ensure your safety be sure to follow these steps so as to avoid any awkward K9-human interactions.

Don’t Base Friendliness on the Type of Breed

It’s tough to imagine a Golden Retriever ever chomping down on anything other than a frisbee or tennis ball, yet sometimes even the unimaginable happens. Golden Retrievers are widely considered the all-American dog. However, simply because they’ve adopted the archetype of the amiable human loving dog doesn’t make it so for all pooches of this breed. Dogs have intricate histories that usually consist of being cared for by multiple owners. Understand that it’s how a dog has been treated, not what breed they are that bestows them with their character.

Observe From Afar

If the dog’s owner is clearly not letting people go near the pooch, it’s safe to say that the dog isn’t ready to be touched by strangers. On the flip side, if the dog is being mobbed by adoring fans he or she is probably up for a quick belly rub.

Ask the Owner

You wouldn’t start playing with another person’s possessions without asking, would you? In our society, we’ve deemed it more or less socially acceptable to pet another’s dog without asking. However, such a habit can create awkward if not unfortunate situations. Simply asking the owner of one of the many dogs from the Owensboro-Evansville area if you can pet it will create less unfortunate situations.

When In Doubt Call a Dog Bite Attorney

If the aforementioned steps are followed, and you’re still bitten by a dog, you may have legal grounds to receive compensation for your injury. Recovering from a dog bite can be a painful and embarrassing situation. Seek financial compensation through litigation in order to make a smooth recovery.

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