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Slip and falls, broken sidewalks, and premises liability

Premises liability is an incredibly important area of law, even though it is one that most people won’t think about on a daily basis. Everywhere you go and everything you do can be connected back to premises liability. If this area of law didn’t exist, then there would be very few people in the world […]


What protections are available after a slip and fall accident?

Falling incidents can be unexpected and result in serious physical, financial and emotional harm for victims. Victims may wonder what protections are available to them if they have been harmed in a slip and fall accident. In general, when a victim has slipped or tripped on a property owner’s premises and the owner failed to […]


Can somebody really sue me if they slip and fall on my ice?

Every year, over eight million people pay a visit to the ER for a common mishap – a fall. While some falls are minor, others have serious consequences, including brain and spinal cord injury, lost time and wages, and even death. For the elderly in particular, a fall can be fatal. The causes for a […]