Understanding what Social Security disability benefits are

Social Security disability benefits are important resources for disabled individuals and their families. Generally, there are two types of disability benefits available for disabled individuals through the Social Security Administration. Eligibility for the two types of benefits is different, and the two different types of benefits help disabled individuals and their families in different ways.

Social Security disability benefits are available for disabled individuals who suffer from a physical or mental medical condition that leaves them severely disabled and unable to work. In addition, the medical condition the disabled individual is suffering from must be expected to last for a year or more or result in death. To receive SSD benefits, the disabled individual must have enough work credits based on their employment history to receive benefits. The amount of benefit differs by applicant and is based on their prior earnings.

Supplemental Security Income or SSI is available for disabled individuals who may not have the necessary work history to qualify for SSD benefits. Supplemental Security Income is available for disabled individuals of limited income and resources. The amount of benefits they receive is based on their income and resources and is capped by the Social Security Administration. For those who are able to work, working while receiving SSD and SSI benefits is possible; however, there is also a cap on the amount of income the disabled individual can earn and still receive disability benefits.

Disability benefits can be vital for many disabled individuals and their families, making understanding the different options available essential for these families. It is also helpful to understand the application process, appeals process and overall process of obtaining the types of benefits that can provide some relief to disabled individuals.

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