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Main Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Any damage to a spinal cord may result in lifelong injury. Someone who has sustained a spinal cord injury may not be able to send messages to or below the area that has been damaged. Such an injury may lead to a loss of basic motor skills, communicative skills, and can even be so severe as to cause paralysis....

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How to Interact With a Stranger’s Dog

People often take for granted the safety of petting a stranger’s dog. The fact of the matter is that while some dogs welcome being stroked from a new person, others may need a moment or two to be acquainted before fawning may commence. To ensure your safety be sure to follow these steps so as to avoid any awkward...

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Scooter Safety and Helmet Laws

On behalf of Gerling Law posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Spend any time driving the streets of Evansville and you will most likely see at least one scooter sharing the road with you. Common and popular in cities around the country (and the world), scooters are an inexpensive alternative form of transportation – small, light, and economical. For...

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