“We believe that we have a responsibility to society, and that individuals, families, and the community vitally need our service and we are committed to providing this service.”
– Gerling Law Core Values
We are dedicated to the clients we serve, and to the communities where we live and work. The attorneys of Gerling Law have the resources and experience to offer sound legal advice, and are committed to fight aggressively for the best outcome for you, whether your case requires Personal Injury Lawyers, Medical Malpractice Lawyers or Social Security Disability Lawyers.
With convenient locations in Evansville, Indianapolis, and Owensboro, Gerling Law is all about obtaining justice and fairness for clients throughout Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky who are suffering. Whether they have suffered a loss because of an injury or negligence on the part of someone else … or are struggling to make ends meet because of a disability that keeps them from working … our lawyers are focused on helping them receive the fair compensation they deserve.
Every member of the Gerling Law team believes we have a responsibility to our communities as well as to our clients. It’s just the right thing to do.

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