| Read Time: 4 minutes | Medical Malpractice

Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice Explained

When you go to the doctor, you want to believe you’re getting the best care possible. You probably don’t make an appointment expecting to leave the office more seriously injured than when you came in. But every day, doctors and other medical professionals injure patients due to negligence or incompetence. Known as medical malpractice, this represents a failure to...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Veterans Disability

VA Disability for Narcolepsy Breakdown

Are you a veteran who can’t keep your eyes open? If so, you might be suffering from a serious medical condition called narcolepsy. This illness causes excessive daytime sleepiness, nighttime sleep problems, and other circadian rhythm issues that make everyday life a challenge. Veteran sufferers may be surprised to find that there is a narcolepsy VA rating for this...

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Personal Injury

Average Semi-Truck Accident Settlement in Indiana

Any auto accident has the propensity to be traumatic, but collisions with large commercial vehicles like semi-trucks can be especially devastating. The experience alone is enough to rattle even the strongest nerves, whether or not you suffer severe physical injuries.  While you heal from your injuries, you also need to look into your options for initiating a semi-truck accident...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Personal Injury

Average Indiana Workers’ Comp Settlements

Workplace injuries can be life-threatening. If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re probably wondering how to get well and still make a living. One way is to file for workman’s compensation, or workers’ comp.  When seeking Indiana workman’s comp settlements, there are many factors that go into determining how much you will get. Some factors considered include the...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Veterans Disability

Average VA Compensation for Kidney Cancer & Kidney Cancer Caused by Agent Orange

Living with cancer or chronic disease is, for many, a terrible reality after active duty military service. Exposure to toxic chemicals on base or while deployed has been linked to a number of cancers and diseases. Many veterans survive combat, only to come home with a kidney cancer diagnosis.  Kidneys seem particularly vulnerable to developing cancers if exposed to...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | News and Updates

Agent Orange Presumptive List 2022 Update

As a Vietnam War veteran, you have a story to tell. Often, that story includes Agent Orange exposure. In fact, so many Vietnam veterans like yourself were exposed to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange that by the 1980s and 1990s, widespread health issues among veterans caused serious public concern. In response, Congress passed the Agent Orange Act of 1991....

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Car Accident

What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Indiana?

Are you wondering, what is the average Indiana car accident settlement amount? Are you unsure how to begin the process of starting a claim for your injuries?  Unfortunately, there is no average car accident settlement amount in Indiana. Your settlement will depend on the circumstances of your individual case. Your Indiana car accident attorney will help you navigate the...

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Dangerous Drugs

Do I Qualify for the Zantac Lawsuit?

If you previously took Zantac and developed subsequent health problems, you may be entitled to pursue legal action for compensation. Not everyone who has side effects will be eligible to bring a successful lawsuit, which is why it’s crucial to understand who actually qualifies for the Zantac lawsuit. The FDA issued a warning that Zantac and its generic form...

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| Read Time: 9 minutes | Dangerous Drugs

What Kinds of Cancers Does Zantac Cause?

The popular stomach acid and heartburn medication, Zantac, has been linked to a notable increase in cancer risk. In 2020, the FDA recalled ranitidine, the generic name for Zantac and other over-the-counter stomach acid-blocking drugs. However, by that time, millions of Americans had potentially been exposed to a deadly carcinogen. Today, Zantac class action lawsuit attorneys across the country...

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Veterans Disability

VA Disability Rating for Multiple Myeloma from Agent Orange & Burn Pits

Serving in one of our nation’s military branches is one of the most patriotic things that you can do. Unfortunately, military service can leave deep physical and psychological scars that can affect you for the rest of your life. Recognizing this, the federal government created disability benefits for veterans. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers these benefits. ...

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